Industrial & Chemical

Rubber products for industrial and chemical applications; WRAS approved We supply rubber products for industrial and chemical applications to suit individual requirements and to meet any of the extensive array of materials standards in force throughout the world. Customers can make certain that they are compliant with local standards while ensuring the best formulation for their needs.

Often customers come to us with specifications to work to, or will reference the appropriate industry standards. It is likely that we already have a material that is suitable, and if we do not our experienced chemists will develop a bespoke formulation.

Once the material specification and formulation are finalized we optimize the manufacturing process to ensure peak performance, reliability and safety.

Rubber products for industrial and chemical applications include:

  • Bespoke and proprietary unvulcanised materials for use as:
    • Tyre repair material
    • Conveyor belt splicing
    • Container dunnage bags
    • Conveyor belt splice kit fabrics
  • Vulcanised Sheeting
  • Specification Elastomer Sheeting
  • Special belts including:
    • Carrot topping belts, specifically designed to be gentle on the crop, but tough enough to remove the leaves and stems from the top
    • Brick belts. Brick can be incredibly abrasive, so the material used in this construction must exhibit superior wet abrasion performance
    • Coving profile belts for Gypsum coving that is produced on a continuous forming line
  • Presscured articles such as press pads, floor matting and HV transformer pads

We carry a wide variety of product and performance specification approvals, such as:

  • Potable water gasket sheeting, WRAS approved for drinking water use
  • Chemical resistant gasket sheeting, e.g. ICI chemical
  • Fire resistant sheeting, e.g. British Coal
  • Anti-static sheeting