Marine Safety

Rubber products for the marine industry The rubber products we manufacture for the marine industry are those where performance is a safety-critical feature. To this end we have developed special elastomeric material solutions to meet the most exacting performance specifications, including Lloyds Accreditation.

Many products in this sector must operate in hostile environments without any degradation in performance or safety. We are specialists in the formulation of rubber compound and elastomeric materials for such applications, and in their use in the production process to provide solutions to some of the most challenging marine uses.

Examples of rubber products for the marine industry include:

  • Materials that are used in large bore oil hose manufacturing.
  • Cured and uncured rubber sheeting, including the coating of fabrics to offer extreme fire protection, such as BA harness materials for the fire service.
  • Aquatape – stretchy chloroprene tapes that make the stitched seams of drysuits waterproof.
  • Lycra reinforced oil shaft seal materials, for instance being used as secondary seals on large diameter propeller shafts.
  • Abrasion resistant materials for hovercraft skirts.
  • Oil and abrasion resistant materials used in the manufacture of oil contamination control booms
  • Toggled bungee cord lengths, developed as protective toggles for cargo restraints
  • Boat fenders
  • Dock fenders
  • Chute and hopper linings
  • Plant lining compounds
  • Pipe linings
  • Protectors for oil drilling
  • Pump lining
  • Moulded rollers
  • Wipers for oil drilling