We manufacture a variety of rubber products for other sectors, such as toy safe rubber

Tracked Vehicle

There are few industries where rubber products are used that we have not supplied.

Some examples include:

  • Toy safe materials integral to the function and comfort of child safety seats and harnesses
  • Lycra reinforced oil shaft seal materials, for instance being used as secondary seals on large diameter propeller shafts
  • Anti-vibration items (telemetry). These are complex castings or pads being used to isolate mission critical telemetry and GPS installations in motorsport, aerospace and defence sectors
  • Tyre repair material
  • Conveyor belt splicing materials
  • Food quality rubber and moulded products for the agriculture industry
  • Products for the construction industry, including:
    • Caterpillar vehicle pads and bushes
    • Engine mountings for construction vehicles
    • Concrete pipe joint rings
    • Drain and sewer expansion joints
    • Fenders