Cured & Uncured Sheeting

Rubber Sheeting - Cured, Uncured, Calendered, Rotocured And Fabric Reinforced Rubber Sheeting We offer an extensive range of proprietary and custom-designed calendered and rotocured cured and uncured rubber sheeting incorporating a range of specialist elastomers and reinforcement materials.

Thin gauge, close tolerance rubber sheeting, coated fabrics, and elastomeric films, produced using a method known as calendaring, combine two or more materials into a single sheet. Calendered sheets can have multiple layers of both the elastomer and fabric “sandwiched” together (fabric reinforced), or can be unsupported.

We also produce rubber sheeting using a continuously fed compression moulding process known as rotocuring. Sheeting produced by this method can also incorporate a range of elastomers to provide special properties such as oil and fire resistance, abrasion and chemical resistance, and tolerance of extreme temperatures.

We manufacture a ‘standard’ range of rubber sheeting as well as working with customers to design and produce sheeting to meet specific requirements.

Some typical applications for our cured and uncured rubber sheeting include:

  • Oil & gas storage tank seals. Utilising a variety of finishes and constructions, tailored to a particular requirement, be it extreme fire performance, or permeability resistance to different vapours. Supplied in roll form, with or without ribbed profiles.
  • Gasket sheeting supplies. Supplied in roll form, these are feedstock materials for gasket cutters, and include acid and chemical resistant grades, as well as potable drinking water materials.
  • Safety critical materials. Supplied in roll or tape forms, examples include: fire harness materials, dive suit tapes, oil shaft sealing material, toy safe materials and anti-static sheeting.
  • Oil and gas tank seals supplied in roll form with or without ribs
  • High specification sheet including acid, chemical, fire resistant plus potable water grades
  • Dive suit tapes
  • Toy safe sheeting
  • Anti-static sheeting
  • Oil shaft sealing material
  • Conveyor belt splicing materials
  • Industrial hose materials
  • Industrial roller covering