Mixed Rubber Compounds

Rubber Compound Mixing All rubber products start with compound. The formulation of the rubber compound used has a massive impact on the performance and reliability of products made from it. If the finished product is to have properties such as oil or fire resistance, vibration damping or shock absorption, then the formulation of the rubber compound used must reflect this.

At DLRT we have the expertise and facilities to mix rubber compound for use in our own products or to supply to other manufacturers.

Being a manufacturer of rubber products as well as a compound mixer gives us a unique understanding of how rubber compound is used, both in the manufacturing process and in the properties of the finished product. We are able to offer high performance solutions to technical challenges at every stage of the supply chain.

Alongside our broad range of standard compounds, our chemists can develop bespoke compound recipes to meet customer requirements, and we are also able to mix compound using customers’ own formulations. In addition to volume supplies of compounds from common polymers we can provide low volumes of specialist compounds.

Compound can be supplied as calendered sheet, pip strip, slab or wig-wag sheeting.

Examples of rubber compound include:

  • High voltage cable bedding compound
  • Tyre repair materials
  • Conveyor belt splicing materials
  • Industrial hose manufacturing materials