Rubber Fabrications

Rubber Fabrications - Fabricated Rubber Components We manufacture a wide variety of hand built fabricated rubber products and components assembled from unvulcanised and vulcanised rubber including seals, gaskets, filters, bellows and diaphragms.

From a prototype or one-off piece to regular production, our team of rubber fabricators can mould, cut, bend, shape, join, press and punch to produce bespoke products for your application. Rubber compounds used include those that are fire or oil resistant, can withstand extremes of temperature or absorb shock and vibration.

Our rubber fabrication service includes specification and design of products as well as manufacture, and we specialise in the production of bespoke components to meet customer needs. Our technical team will work with you to develop a product specifically for your application. With their expert knowledge of rubber compounds and fabrication techniques they offer creative solutions to stubborn problems.