Rubber Mouldings

Bespoke and Custom Rubber Mouldings Our extensive range of rubber moulding capabilities can produce a wide range of finished components. In addition to our standard range we specialise in the development of bespoke mouldings for technical applications in all sectors. We hold the necessary approval certification from the MOD to supply the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Development of Custom Rubber Mouldings

We specialise in developing rubber mouldings where there is a requirement for a complex shape, large size, high specification rubber compound or where the finished product must operate in demanding conditions, for example in extremes of temperature or in hostile chemical environments.

Development of Custom Rubber Mouldings

Our technical team will work with you to develop the optimum manufacturing solution for your application, providing advice and support to design engineers and end users. Our team offers unrivalled expertise from specification of appropriate compounds through the development of bespoke tooling and production of prototypes, to manufacture of the finished product. The result is a high-quality product that meets your precise requirements.

We have a comprehensive range of press capabilities with platten sizes up to 4000mm x 1000m and opening heights up to 750mm. In addition, C frame and belt presses are available to provide a complete range of manufacturing process solutions.

Examples of off-the-shelf and custom rubber mouldings from DLRT include:

  • Special belts eg coving belts, brick belts, crane rail pads, carrot topping belts
  • Aviation press blocks
  • Machine mounting pads
  • Slave pads
  • Roof expansion joints
  • Pipeseals
  • Oil and gas tank seals
  • Vapour seals
  • Caterpillar vehicle pads and bushes
  • Engine mountings
  • Brick grab rubbers
  • Concrete pipe joint rings
  • Fendering
  • Rubber covered and solid rubber balls
  • Rollers
  • Boat and dock fenders