Dexine Leyland Rubber Technology Ltd (DLRT) is able to call on a wide range of technical and practical expertise which is deployed across our broad range of manufacturing capability.

In addition to our practical expertise our technical resource is skilled in the use of problem solving techniques including FED and FEA which can be employed in optimising the design of existing products and the development of new products.

Our technical expertise includes rubber compounding, moulding, rubber composite products, rubber to metal bonding and our sales engineers can assist in matching your requirement to an optimal solution.

DLRT has extensive laboratory facilities which support our operational requirements and support our new product development.

We are developing an extensive range of products manufactured from recycled materials. If you have elastomeric material that you believe could be recycled or simply are looking to use existing products with a re-cycled content please contact us.

Product Development

We have a new range of visco-elastic materials on trial in a number of new applications for these materials. Developments are focussed on the changing demands in the market place and include weight reduction and fire resistance to extend application in the electronics industry.

We see the focus on environmental impact as both a responsibility and an opportunity and are actively working with both suppliers and customers to reduce the impact of our product range on the environment.

Environmental Strategy

DLRT is committed to integrating environmental concerns into the day to day operation of its business whilst developing a world class service to its customers.

We seek to use best practice in all of our processes to ensure that we minimise the impact of our operation on the environment.